new shop theme // shop 2.0

hello ☆

you may have noticed that the shop now has a new look// I was almost forced into this change as the checkout notes stopped being supported by the old theme, which of course is a huge problem (and I was unknowingly missing out on all of your sweet messages sobb). Though this move has been quite overdue, as the previous theme had been around since I opened a shopify account (way back in 2019?) haha!

Working on this theme made me realise that one of my favourite parts of owning an online shop is tinkering with the look and feel of the website. I used to dabble a little in coding and web design in my teens and have prior work experience with product photography, so it's a fun combination of outlets for me! I like to approach design in a simple and clean, yet intuitive way, there are many small details I pour into the design that probably go unnoticed, but I hope all of them add up to produce an overall finish that makes the browsing experience pleasurable and breezy!
There will, however, always be some elements I can't quite control, as I am not an experienced coder and have to rely on pre-made themes, which often come with their own quirks that are frustrating and difficult to resolve - but it still doesn't stop me from trying my best haha.

Here are some of the new design features, let's call it some sort of log:

  • new responsive search that'll even filter through product variations and bring up results~

  • schedule that'll I'll keep updated with what I'm working on this year~
  • checkout notes :)
  • sticky header with hover menu
  • product filtering (price and type)
  • improved consistency of product imagery
  • new videos to accompany product listings
  • and this blog haha (I did use this feature before but I'm going to make it a more accessible, and a permanent place to find future updates!)

Going forward I have plans for my comic to be read via this site as well as incorporating more of my digital goods / subscriptions. It's been eye-opening to discover the new features that shopify has added to their themes, it's given me  hope that one day I could potentially have everything in one place~!