re-using old packaging

Hello friends! ☆

As someone who runs an independent shop, I have the responsibility to decide what materials and services to use when it comes to packaging and manufacturing. I try my best to look for sustainable and eco-friendly options, by no means am I perfect, but I will always strive to improve my process and business as more alternatives become available.

All of my packaging is either recyclable, bio-degradeable, compostable or made from recycled materials. I'm also actively switching all of my paper based products (prints, books) and packaging to use recycled paper wherever possible.

I'm always collecting packaging so I can re-use it to pack your orders! This does mean your order may include less eco-friendly materials such as classic cellobags, bubble wrap and bubble mailers, however I believe it is ultimately better to re-use these as much as possible to increase their life-cycle, than to purchase more alternatives. Therefore I hope you don't mind if your package isn't super pretty....I'll make sure the contents makes up for it~!

Future Aims

  • switch sketchbooks to card covers instead of PU leather (in sample process)
  • thermal label printer with zero waste labels
  • switching to paper only packaging (lots of things to figure out here due to books being difficult to protect)

If you have any more suggestions or eco-friendly sources based in the UK, I would love to hear them!

Thank you for reading~